INTERCOM - communication device

Darskey reports "broken through enemy lines !"

Need Backup. Repeat: I need backup. Enemy ahead. Pos:773.54.997 And while youre at it, bring me a new Shield Generator !

Reignoldes reports "Ammunitions on the Way"

Hey Darskey. Sending you some Ammu over now. Hold on until it arrives. Next Beer goes on you, dont forget that ! And show those Imperials who calls the shots. OH CRAP ... WE RECEIVE HEAVY ARMS FIRE FROM BUILDINGS IN THE SOUTH ..

Samsky reports "Explosives"

Who the Fuck put the Explosives into the Box with the Waterbags ? I swear if someone does that again i will rip his insides apart and serve them for Breakfast.

Palcho reports "Area Secure"

Oh fuck off Samsky. Who cares. Just do you damn Job. I secured the Area, send someone over to clean this mess up. Theres a camp to the south. Im sending the Coordinates over. They have some nice Observation Equipment over there, as i can see from here. We should be careful if we infiltrate it. Oh man. We need to finish this soon ! I sense a great Darkness in my Pants !

Brooks reports "Search and Recue"

Could you all just stop for a Minute, please ? We have a Mission to accomplish. So give me your Reports now and cut the Crap ! And Palcho ! NO JEDI JOKES !

Welkowitz reports "Transportation Support"

Found some Survivers. 3 Man and 2 Woman. Repeat, we have Survivers. Immediate Transportation Support needed. And send a Medic, they are injured.

Brooks reports "Affirmative"

Now thats how i want it to be. Good Job Welkowitz ! Your Support is on the Way. Brooks ! You need to do it alone for now! Hold the Position, im on my Way. Estemated time of arrival 8 Minutes.

Darskey reports "look out, grenades !"

Yeah .. great joke there Darskey ! THATS FUCKING NOT FUNNY YOU SHITHEAD ! Come on over here or i will put this Grenade into your Ass ! OH crap, they have Snipers too ! How i hate those Guys ...

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